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EqWax Neem 'Wonder Oil' - Anti Itching Oil - 400 ml - 100% natural

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♡ The all-rounder for your cleaning bag! To be used in the summer for horses that suffer from itching (summer eczema), to care for the mane and tail, to use preventively against mug and to take care of the socks.

♡ Neem oil is very suitable for the treatment of irritation of the socks, mane and tail.

♡ Contains a little lemongrass which gives it a wonderful scent, but which mosquitoes and mites are not crazy about.

♡ Can be used in winter as a 'mud barrier', especially ideal for horses that have a lot of wallpaper.

♡ Because the oil does not solidify and the packaging has a handy spout, you can treat the roots of the mane and tail well and you don't have to shave or cut it first.

♡ The oil has a mud-repellent effect. Ideal if your horse has light socks.

Natural Ingredients, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties!

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» We also have 'wonder oil' in a wax variant, same effect, just not liquid.

EqWax Neem "Wonder Oil" consists of raw Neem and a natural oil that ensures that the Neem is applied in the correct dilution. The neem makes this product very suitable for repelling mosquitoes, soothing itching, skin irritations such as summer eczema and preventive use against mug. In winter it can be used as a 'mud barièrre'. Mud contains a lot of batteries and fungi and we would rather get rid of them than get rich.

EqWax Neem 'Wonder Oil' contains the following ingredients: ☽ Raw Neem ☽ Essential Oil ☽ Lemongrass Handmade with ♡ 400 ML


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How do you useEqWax Neem 'Wonder Oil' - Anti Itching Oil - 400 ml - 100% natural

How do you useEqWax Neem 'Wonder Oil' - Anti Itching Oil - 400 ml - 100% natural

» Shake well before use » Apply to the coat and rub it in well. You don't have to shave your horse. » Suitable for everyday use. May be used twice a day, depending on the problem. As with any new product, it is recommended to try it gently on a small area of ​​skin.