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✷ FINAL SALE - up to 60% off everything while supplies last ✷
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Shampoo Bars for horses

Meet our Boho Bars. These are shampoo bars for horses that consist of only natural ingredients. As a horse & nature lover, we think it is important to focus on natural care products for your horse. The benefits of a shampoo bar:

☽ 100% Natural ingredients

☽ Plastic-free

☽ No packaging

☽ NO nasties

☽ Animal testing free

☽ Handmade in the Netherlands with love.

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Boho Blog

  • EqWax - De verschillende vliegwerende waxen
    June 18, 2023 Nathalie van den Brekel

    EqWax - The different fly-resistant waxes

    SUNS OUT, It's summer! Nice temperatures, a nice sun, but that also means a lot of inconvenience for our horses due to annoying flies, horseflies and mosquitoes. The waxes of the English brand EqWax are very popular and in this blog we explain why and which wax you can use when. The waxes are very effective, waxes do not evaporate quickly, it is easy to apply, a plastic-free packaging, handmade and the waxes smell amazing! Oh yes... and ideal if your horse gets nervous from all those sprays! These waxes are very easy to apply.

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  • Boho Bar's! Onze 100% natuurlijke Shampoo Bars voor paarden
    March 25, 2023 Daniel van den Brekel

    Boho Bars! Our 100% natural Shampoo Bars for horses

    There are so many different types of shampoos that you may not know exactly what is best for you. In this blog we will talk about our natural shampoo bars, the Boho Bars.

    All Boho Bars are based on vegetable oils and they are scented with essential oils. As a result, all our bars are 100% natural and 100% vegan! The packaging is made of recycled cardboard, contains no plastic and fits through the letterbox. Moreover, they are handmade in a soap workshop in the Netherlands.

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Super service and fast delivery! There was unexpectedly a later delivery of 1 product of the order, this was reported immediately (on a Sunday) and sent separately for free. On top of this service I received a shop credit for the inconvenience 😯. Just wow!!! In addition, they are all fine products that I have received.

Olga - Facebook

These boots are so nice, a real boho-riders boot with the beautiful pattern on the sides. Super practical and functional. Add a shoehorn and I slide in wonderfully. I can walk in it for hours without hurting my feet. Have them in my own size and therefore do not have to break them in excessively. Because they are a bit higher, they are great to wear with your tighter pants, so that the pattern comes out nicely again.

Irene - Ariat Hybrid Rancher

I've had the WildWash fly spray for a while and I'm super happy with it! When I bought it I honestly didn't know if it would work, but after purchasing it, it was immediately baptized by fire. 3 days on outdoor rides in the Drunense Duinen with 25-30 degrees. And I have to say, super happy!! My horse has hardly suffered from flying, even after 2 hours of riding. Highly recommended!!

Vivienne - WildWash Summerspray

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