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Biteback Sweet Relief Shampoo - Sensitive Skin - Itchy Skin - Natural Shampoo - 500 ml

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Love it

♡ Biteback Sweet Relief Shampoo is very good to use with horses that have sensitive skin or horses that suffer from (severe) itching. The shampoo cleanses and nourishes the skin.

♡ The shampoo thoroughly removes dust, pollen flakes and product build-up.

♡ You don't have to wash out the Sweet Relief Shampoo completely, it's a very soft and moisturizing formula that is well tailored to the PH value of the horse skin.

♡ The shampoo is very easy to use. You wet your horse, spray some shampoo on your horse. You do not need to dilute this shampoo with water.

Natural Ingredients, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties!

Not for you

» Your horse does not necessarily have sensitive skin and does not itch (THANK GOD). Then take a look at our shampoo bars or other liquid shampoos.

Biteback products once started with a few 'anti itch' products and now the brand has a very extensive line of care products. Products suitable for sensitive skin, which repel mosquitoes and flies, shampoos and a detangler. All BiteBack products are vegetable, vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

Flick'n'Swish is a fine care spray for mane, tail and coat. It is 90% derived from natural ingredients. Flick'n'Swish goes perfectly with Sweet Relief organic shampoo and is ideal for getting horses that suffer from itching (or with sensitive skin) ready for a special occasion.

What can you expect from this non-greasy, non-sticky spray:

» Quickly and easily detangles mane and tail.
» Repel dust, dirt and pollen
» Creates a shine
» Conditions and softens the hair
» Supports new hair growth
» Helps remove scabies
» Perfect braid preparation
» Smells great
» Can be safely used on sensitive skin
» Easy to apply with precise industrial Canyon trigger spray
» And it's long lasting - a 1 liter spray should last well over 6 weeks.

BiteBack Flick 'n' Swish contains the following ingredients:

☽ Vegequat
☽ Sweet orange oil
☽ Glycerin
☽ Allantoin
☽ Benzyl alcohol


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How do you useBiteback Sweet Relief Shampoo - Sensitive Skin - Itchy Skin - Natural Shampoo - 500 ml

How do you useBiteback Sweet Relief Shampoo - Sensitive Skin - Itchy Skin - Natural Shampoo - 500 ml

» Spray Flick 'n' Swish on the tail and mane.

» Comb the mane and tail.

» Do you use the spray more often, without washing the tail and mane? Then you need less because the active ingredients remain on the hair.