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Close your eyes… what are you thinking? In my dreams I think of galloping horses at a setting sun or a beautiful starry sky. Vast landscapes, cowgirls with aztec and fringe jackets on. Words like freedom, wild and passion. A reflection of my Pinterest board where every time I think: 'I want this'. For me, this feeling of happiness consists of bohemian, natural, wild, femininity and open-mindedness. I myself wanted my own boho cowgirl horse with western saddle, chaps, boots, hat... everything! But if I wanted to buy a product, that was quite a search. Much did not meet my needs. This can't be that complicated, I thought, looking at this same Pinterest board. My dreams come true here, I hope yours too...

Together with my lover and partner in crime we sat down in a coffee shop to dream, write, adjust, cross out and finally with the idea of ​​bringing this lifestyle to life in beautiful, honest, sustainable and natural products. Products that we use ourselves and that contribute a little bit to that dream that makes us very happy deep inside, and so does your horse and our beautiful nature. And whether you're a dressage rider, show jumper or a cowgirl, we don't want to conform to any discipline. Boho Riders is for everyone, all dreamers who experience the same.

'keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground'

The range on our webshop is focused on horseback, riding and lifestyle that matches this. The search never ends so don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter and Insta to follow all developments closely. We stick to offering sustainable equestrian products and developing our own products with as little impact on the environment as possible.

with love,

Nathalie from Boho Riders