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Boho Bar's! Onze 100% natuurlijke shampoobars voor paarden.

Boho Bars! Our 100% natural shampoo bars for horses.

If you now look at the roadside, you sometimes see a crocus sticking out above the grass. And that means spring is coming! Maybe you have already done a spring cleaning in your house or have taken care of your saddle cabinet. Your horse will also have to believe in it to look good. But what do you choose? There are so many different types of shampoos and other care products that you may not know exactly what is best for your situation. In these blogs we are going to talk about the trend of today, namely shampoo bars.

Why is the shampoo bar returning?

Why shampoo bars are so popular is quite easy to explain. It is very handy and completely up-to-date. There is no need for plastic packaging, you no longer have to measure and you can leave the bucket with soapy water. Old-fashioned in a new and super hip jacket and ideal for horses.

Meet the Boho Bars

You already understand.. we are fans. But in the current offering we missed a few important applications. We also often received questions about shampoo bars. That's why we got to work ourselves and we proudly present our own Boho Bars! The Bohobars represent everything we at Boho Riders stand for. All "bars" are based on vegetable oils and they are scented with essential oils. As a result, all our bars are 100% natural and 100% vegan! The packaging is made of recycled cardboard, contains no plastic and fits through the letterbox. Moreover, they are made in a sea-pattelier in the Netherlands. Okay, we have Greta Thunberg's seal of approval. But I hear you thinking, does it work? The answer is, closely and or! Data was central to the development for the ideal mix of ingredients and an effective effect for the specific application. These beauties also have brains. Finally, they were exposed to an extremely critical test panel with very dirty horses. How do you think it works? Leave a review!

Which Boho Bar Is Best For Me?

The Boho Bars are especially unique because data and testing were central to the development and only when everyone was really satisfied with the operation, we started developing them. This is why we strive to offer a suitable shampoo bar for every coat and for every application. Currently we have 4 Boho Bars: The Sensitive Bar, The Whitening Bar , The Bye Bye Fly Bar and The Cooling Down Bar. Are you missing something in the offer? Let us know your suggestion via a message and maybe we will develop your shampoo bar soon. Of course you will receive the first shampoo bar and of course a nice thank you.

The Sensitive Bar - For sensitive or damaged skin

The main ingredients of this "Sensitive Bar" are green clay and neem oil. The green clay has a strong cleansing effect and supports the regenerative capacity of the skin. It is also very effective as a natural support for skin problems. The Neem oil has a positive effect on dry skin, eczema, itching and is anti-inflammatory. This combination goes together just as well as Gin and Tonic, or am I saying something crazy? In any case, the Sensitive Bar is a product that you always want to have on hand. Boho Bar The Sensitive Bar - shampoo bar

The Whitening Bar - For white, gray and palomino coats

Our Whitening Bar ensures that your horse will shine again. Natural pigment has been added to this bar for the 'silver shampoo effect'. To make white, gray and palomino colored coats, tails and mane shine. In addition to the fine scent, lavender also has a soothing and calming effect. This way you and your horse become completely zen.

Boho Bar The Whitening Bar - shampoo bar

The Bye Bye Fly Bar - Effective against insects

The name "Bye Bye Fly Bar" reveals its operation. We hate insects and so does your horse. That's why we developed this bar that is one of a kind. Lemongrass, eucalyptus and cloves may be nice scents to us, but flies find this a turnoff! Horse relax, you relax

Boho Bar The Bye Bye Fly Bar - shampoo bar

The Cooling Down Bar - For a cooling and restorative effect

We must not forget that it is called "equestrian sport", with an emphasis on sport. Not only you are ready for a little cooling of the muscles after a long ride, but your horse too. That is why we have developed this "Cooling Down Bar" with Alkanet root and Arnica as the main ingredients. Alkanet root has an anti-inflammatory effect and makes the bar look smashing. Arnica has a restorative effect on muscles and joints. Great after an intensive training, competition or long ride. Boho Bar The Cooling Down Bar - shampoo bar

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