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BiteBack 'Sweet Relief Quick-Silver Lotion' - Protects and cleanses - Sensitive skin

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♡ 'What a relief' the Sweet Relief line from Biteback products helps your horse get rid of that annoying itch.

♡ The 'Sweet Relief Quick-Silver Spray' is a versatile lotion that cleanses, protects and nourishes the horse's skin. The spray is designed for sensitive/irritated horse skin (mainly scabbed skin).

♡ The Quick-Silver Spray is a Biteback all-rounder because you can use this lotion for various problems. In wetter periods, this spray can be used for skin problems such as swollen skin.

♡ The lotion is nice and quick to use. You can easily spray large surfaces with it and the lotion can penetrate into the skin/coat.

♡ This Quick-Silver Spray also works very well with the Biteback Silver Cream . Very effective for problem skin.

♡ N atural ingredients, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties!

Not for you

» Have the mosquitoes already caught your horse? Does your horse have small wounds or mild itching? Then take a look at the Biteback Sweet Relief Silver Cream.

'what a relief'

Biteback products once started with a few 'anti itch' products and now the brand has a very extensive line of care products. Products suitable for sensitive skin, which repel mosquitoes and flies, shampoos and a detangler. All BiteBack products are vegetable, vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

The 'Sweet Relief' line of the English brand Biteback Products has been helping thousands of horses to get rid of that annoying itch for years.

The 'Sweet Relief Quick-Silver Lotion' cleanses and protects the horse's skin. This lotion is suitable for horses with sensitive/problem skin. Suitable for irritated skin, open wounds and where scabs are visible.

The Quick-Silver Lotion can also be perfectly combined with the Silver Cream to tackle problem skin.

Biteback 'Sweet Relief Quick-Silver Spray' contains the following ingredients:

☽ Colloidal silver
☽ Benzyl Benzoate
☽ Benzyl Alcohol


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How do you useBiteBack 'Sweet Relief Quick-Silver Lotion' - Protects and cleanses - Sensitive skin

How do you useBiteBack 'Sweet Relief Quick-Silver Lotion' - Protects and cleanses - Sensitive skin

» Spray the affected pitches daily.

» Gently massage the lotion.

» The condition of the skin will already have improved after about two weeks.

» The 'Quick-Silver Sray' combines well with the 'Silver Cream'.