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Unique-Horn Natural Hoof Clay - Hoof Care - 600Gr - Clay - Support for a damp jet, bad white line and hoof damage

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Unique-horn uses natural ingredients.

Development and production in the Netherlands, so few kilometers traveled to the barn.

♡ Specially developed to support moist, soft rays, poor white lines and damage in the hooves.

♡ Forms a natural barrier on the underside of the hoof to protect against the negative effects of manure and urine on the hoof.

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Make sure that the clay does not dry out. Always close lid after use.

Unique-Horn Natural Hoof Clay a fantastic natural care product to use for various hoof problems and to prevent them. The great advantage of the clay compared to many other products is that the product sticks well to the hoof and, in addition to its active effect against hoof problems, also forms a physical barrier against moisture and the negative influences of manure and urine. Thoroughly clean and dry the hoof. 1. Apply a generous amount of Unique-horn Natural Hoof Clay to the underside of the hoof. 2. Especially coat the beam and white line with a sufficiently thick layer of Unique-horn Natural Hoof Clay. 3. Repeat daily for serious problems. 4. When using Unique-horn Natural Hoof Clay for hoof care, it is sufficient to apply the clay to the clean, dry hoof twice a week. 5. For persistent problems, Unique-horn Natural Hoof Clay can be effectively combined with Unique-horn Silver Hoof Liquid.

Demi water, diatomaceous earth, French clay, zinc oxide, honey, propolis tincture, a unique composition of three essential oils. Keep out of reach of children. Store closed bottle in a dry place at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes.


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Everything you want to know behind the brand ofUnique-Horn Natural Hoof Clay - Hoof Care - 600Gr - Clay - Support for a damp jet, bad white line and hoof damage

Unique-horn hoof care has been developed by two qualified hoof care providers with over 15 years of experience. Unique-horn is a formula of natural hoof care products specially developed to support good hoof health, strong rays and clean white lines in horses, ponies and donkeys. The Unique-horn hoof care products can be used for soft rays, rock rays, problems with the white line, fungus in the hooves and too wet hooves. Even as a horse owner, the above hoof problems would like to be prevented. Even then Unique-horn offers a solution.