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Scrubbies - DUO pack - Cleaning pads - Cleaning pads - biodegradable

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Yes! Biodegradable cleaning pads with horse print. Did you know that many sponges are made of plastic? And these years wandering in the landfill. These Scrubbies are biodegradable. After you have used them, you can just throw them on the manure heap. I hear you thinking 'nice solution but what can I use them all for?'.

- You can use them to clean your bridle and saddle.

- You can clean your boots with it

- You can use them to apply a fly spray, shine spray or any other type of spray.

love it

Plastic-free and biodegradable

Awesome horse prints

♡ Can be used in the stable but hey also just if your bathroom needs a cleaning.

Sponge worn out? Just throw it on the manure heap (or organic waste bin)

♡ Winning product of the year! -> The National Environmental Awards (UK)

not for you

These cleaning pads are a bit thinner than a plastic sponge.


  • 100% organic cotton thread
  • 100% organic cotton printed with eco dyes.
  • Bamboo lining (naturally odorless and antibacterial)
  • Size 14cm X 11cm
  • Soft on one side and scrubbie on the other
  • You can also put them in the washing machine, wash max at 40 degrees.


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Scrubbies - DUO pack - Cleaning pads - Cleaning pads - biodegradable