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Unique-Horn HC7 - Hoof Care - 500ML - Hoof Cleaner - Against bacteria, fungi and rot ray-

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N natural ingredients

♡ HC7 spray is not a new chemical formula but the 'Daily Hoof Cleanser' from the brand Unique-Horn

♡ HC7 Spray has a deep cleaning effect and helps to protect the hoof daily against dirt, bacteria and fungi.

♡ HC7 comes in a handy spray bottle.

♡ HC7 can be used preventively, but can also be used if your horse has a fungal infection.

♡ HC7 can be combined well with other hoof care products.

♡ Animal testing free

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»HC7 spray is a cleaning spray. Be careful not to spray on open wounds.

    Unique-horn hoof care has been developed by two qualified hoof care providers with over 15 years of experience. Unique-horn is a formula of natural hoof care products specially developed to support good hoof health, strong rays and clean white lines in horses, ponies and donkeys. The Unique-horn hoof care products can be used for soft rays, rock rays, problems with the white line, fungus in the hooves and too wet hooves. Even as a horse owner, the above hoof problems would like to be prevented. Even then Unique-horn offers a solution. HC7 hoof spray can be used for the daily care of the hooves. To be used as a preventative measure in the case of rock blast or fungal infections. HC7 consists of natural and caring ingredients. HC7 has a cleaning effect and is very easy to use.

    HC7 Hoof Spray contains the following ingredients: ☽ Apple cider vinegar Colloidal silver ☽ Alcohol ☽ Propolis tincture ☽ Three essential oils ☽ Natural colorant 500ML Made with ♡


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    How do you useUnique-Horn HC7 - Hoof Care - 500ML - Hoof Cleaner - Against bacteria, fungi and rot ray-

    How do you useUnique-Horn HC7 - Hoof Care - 500ML - Hoof Cleaner - Against bacteria, fungi and rot ray-

    HC7 Hoof Spray can be used regularly. » Scrape the hooves well. » Spray about 3-4 sprays per hoof and allow HC7 to absorb briefly. » Use once a week in horses that are prone to developing an unpleasant hoof odor or rock jet. » With an active problem, HC7 Hoof Spray spray can be used daily until the unpleasant odor is gone or the problems are solved.