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EqWax Mane & Tail Conditioner - Anti Klit Wax - 250 ml - 100% natural

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love it

♡ The Mane & Tail Conditioner is a natural anti tangle that makes the mane and tail soft and easy to comb.

♡ Contains nourishing ingredients that strengthen the hair and make it less likely to break.

♡ Unlike spray or other liquid conditioner, it does not drip and you therefore have no waste.

♡ Vegan and silicone-free.

♡ Very economical in use! You only need to use a small amount for good results.

♡ The addition of lemongrass and neem makes it a natural anti-fly.

♡ The product is in a tin can which can be recycled forever.

N natural ingredients, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties!

not for you

» You are not averse to "dirty hands". Because you use this product by massaging it with your hands through the mane and tail.

A wax-based conditioner. I can hear you thinking: does this work? Isn't this too fat? How do I use this? But don't worry, it actually works very nicely and it is very effective for the mane and tail. The anti-tangle "balm" ensures that the mane will fluff less, gives a nice shine and makes braiding a lot easier. Due to the nourishing ingredients such as Neem and Avocado oil, the mane and tail are well nourished and the hair breaks down less quickly. Also nice: the lemongrass makes it a natural anti-fly and the product is very economical to use.

EqWax Mane & Tail Conditioner contains the following ingredients: ☽ Neem ☽ Lemongrass ☽ Coconut oil ☽ Macademia oil ☽ Avocado oil ☽ Beeswax Handmade with ♡ 250 ML


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How do you useEqWax Mane & Tail Conditioner - Anti Klit Wax - 250 ml - 100% natural

How do you useEqWax Mane & Tail Conditioner - Anti Klit Wax - 250 ml - 100% natural

» Brush and clean the mane and tail. The product can be used on dry and wet hair » Put a little bit of wax between your fingers and rub it out » Massage the wax through the hair. » Comb the hair » Done! As with any new product, it is recommended to try it gently on a small area of ​​skin.