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EqWax Neem "Wonder Wax" - Anti Fly & Anti Itch Wax - 250ml - 100% Natural - Plastic Free

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Love it

♡ This Eqwax Wonder Wax can be used on horses that suffer from itching (summer eczema) or an irritated coat. For the mane and tail we recommend using the "Wonder Oil".

♡ The Neem Wonder wax is also effective against (especially) mosquitoes and flies.

♡ Wax is effective for much longer than water and alcohol-containing products.

If your horse is easily startled or afraid of a spray, using a wax is much more pleasant and less stressful.

♡ Does your horse have chafing spots on his head, buttock or another part of his body? Then use the wax. Does your horse chafe its mane or tail? Then use Neem Wonder Oil.

N natural ingredients, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties!

Not for you

» Rubbing it in with a sponge or brush takes more time than using a fly spray

» Does your horse not itch and are you looking for an insect-repellent wax? Then we advise you to choose a different EqWax wax.

The EqWax Neem "Wonder Wax" does wonders for your horse's skin. It is very effective against irritations such as summer eczema, sensitive skin or other skin problems. It also remains effective for a long time because, like sprays, it evaporates quickly. And since the addition of Neem is also very effective against insects and flies, it is also a very suitable anti-fly.

EqWax Neem "Wonder Wax" contains the following ingredients: ☽ Vegetable Waxes ☽ Neem oil Handmade with ♡ 250 ML


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How do you useEqWax Neem "Wonder Wax" - Anti Fly & Anti Itch Wax - 250ml - 100% Natural - Plastic Free

How do you useEqWax Neem "Wonder Wax" - Anti Fly & Anti Itch Wax - 250ml - 100% Natural - Plastic Free

» Brush your horse thoroughly » Wipe a little EqWax "Wonder Wax" Take Equine Fly Repellent on your brush or sponge. » Brush lightly over the horse » Use a sponge around the eyes and ears. You can also apply the wax with your fingers. " Finished! As with any new product, it is recommended to try it gently on a small area of ​​skin.