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Well Gel Reem Gleam - Warming Wash - 100% Natural - 300ML

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love it

♡ 100% Natural.

♡ The Reem Gleam is a very nice 'after-exercise wash'. The essential oils that have been added provide a 'warming' effect.

♡ Add Reem Gleam to warm water. This 'wash' turns into a wonderfully smelling hot oil.

♡ It removes dirt and your horse will shine completely afterwards. Reem Gleam is also sometimes used to apply between washes to make the coat glaze.

♡ Aloe Vera and calendula oil ensure the coat is soft and conditioned.

♡ A product with multiple functions. Remove dirt, shine and a warming effect after training.

♡ Do you shave your horse in the winter? Reem Gleam is also used as a 'hot cloth' after shaving.

not for you

» Your workouts, rides and exercise are nice and 'slow down'. Your horse does not need a warm wash or a shiny coat.

Well Gel care products were developed by a certified aromatherapist who developed the first gel based on Aloe Vera and essential oils to treat a condition in her own horse. The benefit of essential oils is their ability to help heal the skin and immediately soothe it when applied. This was so successful that it did not go unnoticed in her environment. More than 20 years later, Well-Gel offers a wide range of very beautiful natural, handmade skin products based on top quality essential oils. All products are Cruelty Free and they use only recyclable plastic bottles and jars with labels that can be easily removed. The Reem Gleam is a warming wash that you can use, especially in the winter months, to warm up your horse. Can also be used after training to remove all dirt and make the coat shine again. Reem Gleam has warming ingredients like ginger and rosemary. Want to spice up that dull coat? Then you can also just use Reem Gleam in between.

Reem Gleam contains the following ingredients: ☽ Aloe Vera ☽ Celendula ☽ Ginger ☽ Rosemary ☽ Mandarin ☽ Yarrow 300 ml Handmade with ♡


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How do you useWell Gel Reem Gleam - Warming Wash - 100% Natural - 300ML

How do you useWell Gel Reem Gleam - Warming Wash - 100% Natural - 300ML

Warming Wash » Add Reem Gleam to a bucket of warm water. » Wash your horse » Reem Gleam has removed the dirt and made the coat shine. Hot Cloth » Shave your horse » Grab an old cloth, bucket and Reem Gleam. » Fill the bucket with warm water and add a splash of Reem Gleam. » Take an old cloth and use it as a 'Hot cloth' after shaving. Your horse's coat will glaze and be conditioned.