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Well Gel Bug Off- 480 ML - Natural Bug Spray - 100% Natural

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♡ 100% Natural

♡ The Bug repellent provides long-lasting protection against flies, mosquitoes and other biting insects.

♡ Strongly scented Bug Repellent through a blend of essential oils.

♡ Bug Repellent is water based, citriodol has been added. This is an effective, natural, insect repellent.

♡ Like many Well Gel products, Aloe Vera has also been added. This can also calm the skin.

♡ The packaging is made from recycled PET bottles.

♡ No Nasties!

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» Your horse still finds it very exciting when you spray him. Don't panic, we also have fly-resistant products from EqWax . You lubricate this instead of spraying.

Well Gel care products were developed by a certified aromatherapist who developed the first gel based on Aloe Vera and essential oils to treat a condition in her own horse. The benefit of essential oils is their ability to help heal the skin and immediately soothe it when applied. This was so successful that it did not go unnoticed in her environment. More than 20 years later, Well-Gel offers a wide range of very beautiful natural, handmade skin products based on top quality essential oils. All products are Cruelty Free and they use only recyclable plastic bottles and jars with labels that are easy to remove.

Bug Repellent contains the following ingredients: ☽ Citriodiol ☽ Eucalyptus ☽ Cedarwood ☽ Tea Tree ☽ Lavender ☽ Aloe Vera 480 ml Handmade with ♡


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How do you useWell Gel Bug Off- 480 ML - Natural Bug Spray - 100% Natural

How do you useWell Gel Bug Off- 480 ML - Natural Bug Spray - 100% Natural

» Spray the Bug Repellent liberally on the entire coat, mane and tail. » Avoid contact with damaged skin, eyes, nostrils and mouth. » Repeat as many times as necessary.