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The Natural Way Mug Oil - Skin Care - Treatment of Mug, Rasp, Rainrot - 100% Natural

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Love it

♡ Mug Oil suitable for the treatment of mug, rasp or rain rot.

♡ Does your horse not have a mug (yet), but do you really want to prevent this? The Mok Oil is also good for preventive use.

♡ Mug Oil is the use for dry and wet mug and also if your horse is on the meadow 24/7.

♡ The Mug Oil is very economical in use and with the handy spout cap you can apply the oil very specifically.

♡ Does your horse suffer from mug in summer? You can safely use this Mug Oil when exposed to sunlight.

♡ N natural ingredients, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties!

Not for you

» Does your horse not have a mug yet? But would you like to protect your horse against bacteria and fungi? Then take a look at Mud Repellent or Mud Barrier .

» Prefer not to use oil? Then take a look at the Herbal Skin Balm. This is a lotion, which can also be used with a mug.

Mug oil from The Natural Way is a 100% natural and sustainable product based on sweet almond oil and pure, organic essential oils. Designed for horses with mug, rasp and rain rot/rain mange. Mok oil has a pleasant, fresh scent and can be used safely when exposed to sunlight and for wounds. Also suitable for horses that walk outside 24/7. Then remove as much sand or mud as possible and apply Mok oil when your horse is in a dry place (food/care) so that the product has a chance to absorb into the skin.

The Natural Way Mug Oil contains the following ingredients: ☽ Sweet Almond Oil ☽ Lavender ☽ Tea Tree ☽ Palmarosa ☽ Patchouli ☽ Rose Oil Handmade with ♡ » 100 ml » 200 ml


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How do you useThe Natural Way Mug Oil - Skin Care - Treatment of Mug, Rasp, Rainrot - 100% Natural

How do you useThe Natural Way Mug Oil - Skin Care - Treatment of Mug, Rasp, Rainrot - 100% Natural

Cut a small opening in the spout cap to open the vial. " Shake well before use. » Make sure the skin is as dry and clean as possible. Do not scratch off dry crusts, but soak them or wait until they disappear on their own during treatment with Mok oil. » Apply a small amount of Mok oil to the affected skin once a day until the desired effect is achieved.