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WildWash Detangle Spray - Horse Detangler - Mane and Tail - 300ml - 100% natural

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love it

☽ 100% Natural ingredients

☽ Animal testing free, all WildWash products have the Leaping Bunny quality mark.

☽ Use the detangle spray when you are already washing your horse. You spray it on dry hair but then rinse it well.

The scent of the detangle is subtle because of the Rose Water and Lemon Myrtle.

☽ Contains nutrients so that damaged hair becomes healthy again.

☽ You can enjoy a silky soft tail and mane for at least one to two weeks.

☽ Sustainable packaging made from recycled plastic

not for you

» After spraying, you should always wash the tail and/or mane. If you do not do this, you will not get the desired result and the mane/tail will feel too stiff.

» Is your horse said with a full head of hair? Then you are spraying a little longer, the spray bottle gives off smaller amounts.

Wildwash makes care products that are perfect for your horse, but also for our planet. Everything you want in a product has been taken into account. Natural products, tailored to the horse skin and not tested on animals. And believe us.. the WildWash products really work! A detangler that only consists of natural products is quite difficult to find. Why? Many detanglers use silicone (plastic) and that creates a layer over the hair. This literally closes the hair completely so that it cannot moisturize. The result is dry, lifeless hair. In addition, such a detangler is often very sticky and attracts a lot of dirt. No sticky mane and tail, but tangle-free. The detangle contains Camellia (Japanese Rose) and that ensures the tangle-free, silky smooth effect. It also helps to increase hair elasticity. Lemon Myrtle Oil and Rose Water nourish and care for the hair and also provide a subtle 'delicate' scent.

☽ Japanese Rose ☽ Lemon Myrtle Oil ☽ Rose Water ☽ Chamomile


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How do you useWildWash Detangle Spray - Horse Detangler - Mane and Tail - 300ml - 100% natural

How do you useWildWash Detangle Spray - Horse Detangler - Mane and Tail - 300ml - 100% natural

" Shake well before use. » Spray liberally on dry mane and tail and use your fingertips to massage it in well. » Leave on for a few minutes to give it time to get everything out of the tangle. » Brush through gently until you can run the brush smoothly through the mane and tail. » Repeat if necessary. » As soon as the hair is tangle-free, wash out the detangle. » It can also be left on the hair overnight for maximum effect and hydration. Make sure you rinse it out well.


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