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Unique-Horn HPE - Hoof care - 50ml - concentrated - very severe rot ray and fungal infections in the white line

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Development and production in the Netherlands, so few kilometers traveled to the barn.

HPE is the most highly concentrated product in the Unique-Horn line, with very quickly noticeable effectiveness.

♡ Within a few days, the mushy jet is noticeably firmer.

♡ The handy dropper allows you to apply the HPE very accurately

not for you

Are you a bit clumsy? Then pay extra attention! HPE can cause discoloration on skin, coat and clothing and is highly flammable. So be careful.

Unique-Horn HPE is a highly concentrated product, with a very quickly noticeable effectiveness. HPE can be used for very severe rock blast and fungal infections in the white line. One of the main components of HPE is propolis. Propolis is made by bees and can act as an antibiotic (against bacterial infections) and antifungal (antifungal and antifungal). Unique-horn HPE comes in a 50ml glass bottle with a pipette. Before applying HPE, clean the hoof as well as possible. For example by soaking in a hoof bath with Unique-horn Pure Hoof Soaker or with a hoof pick and a hard brush. Then you drop the HPE with the pipette very precisely on the affected areas on the beam, in the beam grooves or in the affected white line of your horse's hoof. Let it work for a while. Repeat daily for best results. HPE absorbs quickly and is economical to use

Propolis is made by bees and is the defense mechanism of bee colonies against bacteria, viruses and fungi. There are numerous scientific studies that support the powerful effect of propolis. Essential oils contain the essence, the life force of the plant. A unique Unique-horn recipe contains 100% pure essential oils, with antibacterial and antifungal properties, from highly medicinal plants. With these oils we add the healing power of these plants to all unique-horn products. And the products also smell delicious!


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Everything you want to know behind the brand ofUnique-Horn HPE - Hoof care - 50ml - concentrated - very severe rot ray and fungal infections in the white line

Unique-horn hoof care has been developed by two qualified hoof care providers with over 15 years of experience. Unique-horn is a formula of natural hoof care products specially developed to support good hoof health, strong rays and clean white lines in horses, ponies and donkeys. The Unique-horn hoof care products can be used for soft rays, rock rays, problems with the white line, fungus in the hooves and too wet hooves. Even as a horse owner, the above hoof problems would like to be prevented. Even then Unique-horn offers a solution.