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The Natural Way Summer Eczema Lotion - For horses with summer eczema and itching - 100% natural

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Love it

♡ Summer eczema lotion that is suitable for the treatment of summer eczema and other itching related complaints.

♡ It applies a protective layer that makes mosquitoes less likely to bite, the itch is quieted, the skin can recover. Nice!

♡ Does your horse's tail look like an old broom? The lotion also stimulates hair growth. Hello, full head of hair!

♡ The lotion is very economical to use and with the handy spout cap you can apply the oil very targeted.

♡ Is it the middle of summer and is your horse standing in the sun? You can safely use the lotion when exposed to sunlight.

♡ The Lotion is very economical in use, with a bottle of 200 ml you will participate for an average of 2.5 months.

♡ N natural ingredients, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties!

Not for you

» The lotion is a bit more expensive than the average products we have.

Summer eczema lotion from The Natural Way is a 100% natural and sustainable product that was designed to support horses with summer eczema and other itching related complaints, based on sweet almond oil and pure, organic essential oils. Immediate visible result: Summer eczema lotion applies a protective layer so that mosquitoes are less inclined to bite, the itching is soothed, the skin can recover and hair growth is stimulated. Preferably start preventive treatment in early spring and before your horse starts to rub. But even when your horse is already chafing or itching, Summer Eczema lotion works very effectively. Store Sweet Itch Lotion in a frost-free, dark place with few temperature fluctuations. A pharmacy cabinet in the stable is ideal. Can be stored for 18 months after opening.

Sweet Itch Lotion contains the following ingredients: ☽ Sweet Almond Oil ☽ Tea Tree ☽ Copaïba Oil ☽ Helichrysum Oil ☽ Chamomile Oil ☽ Rose Oil Handmade with ♡ » 200 ml » 500 ml


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How do you useThe Natural Way Summer Eczema Lotion - For horses with summer eczema and itching - 100% natural

How do you useThe Natural Way Summer Eczema Lotion - For horses with summer eczema and itching - 100% natural

Cut a small opening in the spout cap to open the vial. " Shake well before use. » Hold the nozzle cap as close to the skin as possible and sparingly apply a thin layer between the mane and tail (or other areas where sanding is required). » You can treat small spots by dripping the lotion onto your finger and applying it to the skin. » It is recommended to start with daily lubrication and after a week see if you can taper off, which is the case with most horses, or reapply lotion when the skin becomes drier again.