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EqWax Summer Trial Pack - 100% Natural - Essential Oils - Eqwax Summer Pack (6x minis)

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love it

♡ Ideal to take with you when you go out for a ride.

♡ Would you like to become acquainted with the products of EqWax? This is a great starter kit

♡ Gift idea for your friend

♡ No plastic and the packaging looks super nice.

♡ All products are in an aluminum can or bottle that can be recycled forever.

N natural ingredients, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties!

not for you

» No sponge or brush is included. That makes it a bit easier to apply.

" NB! A wax cannot withstand very hot temperatures, then it will melt. Are the temperatures rising? Then keep it in a cool place.

This "summer trial" sample pack contains all the essentials for spring and summer in a handy bag. Ideal to take with you during a ride, to give as a gift or to get acquainted with the products of EqWax. The EqWax Summer Trail Pack contains: » 100ml Itch Away No Rinse Wash - great for itchy ponies, repels mosquitoes and flies, no need to hose down/rinse! » 100 ml EqWash No Rinse Wash - a cooling wash that effectively removes stains from sweat, grass etc. and contains a natural fly repellent. Spraying or rinsing is not necessary. » 30ml Lemongrass Fly Repellent – ​​great for repelling normal flies and horse flies. » 30ml Eucalyptus and Lavender Horsefly Repellent – ​​Particularly effective for use against horseflies, but will also repel normal flies. » 30ml Take "Wonder Wax" Fly/Midge Repellent - great for horses that are itchy from those little pesky mosquitoes. » 30 ml Natural Equine Sunscreen - a water-resistant formula to protect the sensitive parts of your horse from the sun.!

☽ Do you want to know which ingredients are in each product? Then take a look at the larger version. Handmade with ♡ No Rinse Wash - 100 ML Wax/Sunscreen - 30 ML


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How do you useEqWax Summer Trial Pack - 100% Natural - Essential Oils - Eqwax Summer Pack (6x minis)

How do you useEqWax Summer Trial Pack - 100% Natural - Essential Oils - Eqwax Summer Pack (6x minis)

This product consists of six different minis. Would you like to know how best to use the products individually from each other? Then take a look at the product page of the larger products. As with any new product, it is recommended to try it gently on a small area of ​​skin.