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EqWax Mud Barrier - Mud Protection - 250ml - 100% Natural - Plastic Free

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♡ Is your horse in the mud? Mud Barrier provides a protective layer against mud, dirt, manure and urine.

♡ Mud Barrier can help prevent mud.

Soft balm that is easy to apply to (clean and dry) horse legs.

♡ After using Mud Barrier, the legs are easy to clean with a dry cloth. No need to rinse!

♡ Contains Neem and Tea Tree, both ingredients have antibacterial properties.

♡ Contains beeswax and coconut oil and these ingredients protect and care for the skin.

Natural Ingredients, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties !

Not for you

» Your horse does not suffer from muddy legs. Nice!

EqWax Mud Barrier offers protection against the mud. During the wetter periods, your horse can stand with its legs in the mud all day long. Mud often consists of manure, urine and therefore bacteria and fungi. Those horse legs are no match for that and further problems such as mug occur. With Mud Barrier you put a protective layer on the legs. This way bacteria and fungi don't stand a chance!

EqWax Mud Barrier contains the following ingredients: ☽ Beeswax ☽ Coconut Oil ☽ Neem Oil ☽ Tea Tree Oil Handmade with ♡ 250 ML


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How do you useEqWax Mud Barrier - Mud Protection - 250ml - 100% Natural - Plastic Free

How do you useEqWax Mud Barrier - Mud Protection - 250ml - 100% Natural - Plastic Free

» Brush your horse's legs. Make sure they are clean and dry. » Lubricate the legs with Mud Barrier. » Are you coming back to the stable? Wipe the legs with a dry cloth. » Repeat as long as they are in the mud.