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Boho Bar 'The Cleansing Bar' - Shampoo Bar for horses - 200gr - Intense cleaning - 100% natural - Vegan

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100% natural, NO nasties!

♡ Vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free and locally produced. What a show off!

Many hours of testing and long calculations preceded the development of our Boho Bars.

The included sisal scrub bag provides a good grip during washing and is effective on dirty spots.

The ''Cleansing Bar'' cleans, nourishes, strengthens and provides a natural shine. This bar is suitable for anyone who likes a clean horse.

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» You love natural shampoos, but you find a shampoo bar way too awkward to wash. No problem, look at our other (liquid) shampoos for a good alternative.

The Bohobars represent everything we at Boho Riders stand for. All "bars" are based on vegetable oils and they are scented with essential oils. As a result, all our bars are 100% natural and 100% vegan! The packaging is made of recycled cardboard, contains no plastic and fits through the letterbox. Moreover, they are made in a soap workshop in the Netherlands. Okay, we have Greta Thunberg's seal of approval. I hear you thinking, does it work? The answer is, so and or! Data was central to the development of the ideal mix of ingredients and an effective effect for the specific application. These beauties also have brains. Finally, they were exposed to an extremely critical test panel with very dirty horses. How do you find the operation? Leave a review! The name "Cleansing Bar" immediately makes it clear what the bar is for. This Black Beauty provides intense cleaning, nourishes and provides a natural shine. Charcoal and quinoa have been added to this bar, charcoal provides the intense cleaning and the quinoa strengthens, nourishes and makes the coat shine. This bar is suitable for all skin types and coat colors.

All our Boho Bars have the same basic ingredients, namely: ☽ Olive oil ☽ Coconut oil ☽ Shea Butter ☽ Castor oil 'The Cleansing Bar' specific ingredients: ☽ Charcoal ☽ Quinoa ☽ Thyme ☽ Lemon


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How do you use theBoho Bar 'The Cleansing Bar' - Shampoo Bar for horses - 200gr - Intense cleaning - 100% natural - Vegan

How do you use theBoho Bar 'The Cleansing Bar' - Shampoo Bar for horses - 200gr - Intense cleaning - 100% natural - Vegan

» Spray your horse's coat, mane and tail thoroughly wet. » Wet the bar and the sisal bag. Rub the bar between your palms to foam the bar. » Coat » Put the bar in the sisal bag and scrub your horse's coat thoroughly. » Mane and tail » Rub the bar over the mane and tail. Do not use a sisal bag. » Rinse the coat, mane and tail well. » Enjoy an amazing, spotless horse.


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